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WWALS Watershed Coalition, Inc. (WWALS) is Suwannee RIVERKEEPER® WWALS advocates for conservation and stewardship of the surface waters and groundwater of the Suwannee River Basin and Estuary, in south Georgia and north Florida, among them the Withlacoochee, Willacoochee, Alapaha, Little, Santa Fe, and Suwannee River watersheds, through education, awareness, environmental monitoring, and citizen activities.


Pictures: Stone Bridge paddle from Cook County Boat Ramp (GA 76) 2020-05-16 [Up]

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Banners at the bridge

[Helen Chaney: Suwannee Riverkeeper under Stone Bridge]
Helen Chaney: Suwannee Riverkeeper under Stone Bridge

Cook County Boat Ramp

[Russell Allen McBride recognizing Frank Gay, 10:08:19]
Russell Allen McBride recognizing Frank Gay, 10:08:19

[Green trees and blue sky reflected, 10:14:02]
Green trees and blue sky reflected, 10:14:02

[Pack of boaters, 10:14:06]
Pack of boaters, 10:14:06

[House above beach, 10:17:50]
House above beach, 10:17:50

[Boats passing beach house, 10:19:13]
Boats passing beach house, 10:19:13

Creek or Slough?

[Boats returning, 10:19:14]
Boats returning, 10:19:14

[They didn't go far enough in to tell, 10:19:21]
They didn't go far enough in to tell, 10:19:21

Tannic acid

[Tea-colored water, 10:22:33]
Tea-colored water, 10:22:33

[Reflecting blue and green, 10:23:57]
Reflecting blue and green, 10:23:57

[Many boats, 10:24:03]
Many boats, 10:24:03

[Water color and blue sky and green tree reflections, 10:24:06]
Water color and blue sky and green tree reflections, 10:24:06

Around the bend

[Near and far paddlers, 10:27:27]
Near and far paddlers, 10:27:27

[Leaning tree and beach, 10:32:53]
Leaning tree and beach, 10:32:53

[Dappled water, 10:32:56]
Dappled water, 10:32:56

[More behind, 10:33:03]
More behind, 10:33:03

[Local access? 10:34:04]
Local access? 10:34:04

[Shelby Miller photographing, 10:34:07]
Shelby Miller photographing, 10:34:07

[Shelby and friend, 10:34:08]
Shelby and friend, 10:34:08

Holey tree

[Everybody's favorite tree, Stone Bridge visible upstream 10:36:06]
Everybody's favorite tree, Stone Bridge visible upstream 10:36:06

Stone Bridge

[You try paddling up that, 10:40:42]
You try paddling up that, 10:40:42

[More boaters, 10:40:51]
More boaters, 10:40:51

[Channel and slough, 10:53:34]
Channel and slough, 10:53:34


[It takes two, 10:53:48]
It takes two, 10:53:48

Stone Bridge slough

[Shallow, 11:05:22]
Shallow, 11:05:22

[Banners: Russell Allen McBride, ?, Bobby McKenzie, 11:08:40]
Banners: Russell Allen McBride, ?, Bobby McKenzie, 11:08:40

Stone Bridge above

[Can't drive on that, 11:14:39]
Can't drive on that, 11:14:39

[Viney, 11:14:44]
Viney, 11:14:44

[Fire was here, 11:18:13]
Fire was here, 11:18:13

[Animal path, 11:18:17]
Animal path, 11:18:17

River from Stone Bridge

[Little River below, 11:22:52]
Little River below, 11:22:52

[Red boat, 11:23:02]
Red boat, 11:23:02

[Coming downstream, 11:23:48]
Coming downstream, 11:23:48

[Is that Becky Garber? 11:23:53]
Is that Becky Garber? 11:23:53

[Passed the bridge, 11:24:10]
Passed the bridge, 11:24:10

[Joining some others, 11:24:12]
Joining some others, 11:24:12

[Portrait downstream, 11:24:17]
Portrait downstream, 11:24:17

Flowing water

[Slough and channel, 11:25:00]
Slough and channel, 11:25:00

[Movie: Current in channel, walking down the slough, 11:25:00 (31M)]
Movie: Current in channel, walking down the slough, 11:25:00 (31M)

Overgrown Stone Bridge

[Pine tree in center of bridge, 11:26:01]
Pine tree in center of bridge, 11:26:01

[A clear area, 11:26:38]
A clear area, 11:26:38

[Railing, 11:26:41]
Railing, 11:26:41

[Concrete roadway, 11:27:21]
Concrete roadway, 11:27:21

[Looking back at Little River, 11:27:25]
Looking back at Little River, 11:27:25

[Arches underneath, 11:31:33]
Arches underneath, 11:31:33

Railroad Bridge

[RR bridge through driftwood, 11:45:54]
RR bridge through driftwood, 11:45:54

[Vista of RR bridge, 11:46:16]
Vista of RR bridge, 11:46:16

[McBride, Fountain, rope, RR bridge, 11:47:29]
McBride, Fountain, rope, RR bridge, 11:47:29

[Russell heading uphill, 11:49:15]
Russell heading uphill, 11:49:15

[Three boaters near bridge, 11:50:14]
Three boaters near bridge, 11:50:14

RR Bridge needs repair

[Railing missing, 11:50:40]
Railing missing, 11:50:40

[Gap in bridge, 11:55:15]
Gap in bridge, 11:55:15

[Does not look safe, 11:55:19]
Does not look safe, 11:55:19

Banners on RR bridge

[Suwannee Riverkeeper banner, 11:52:04]
Suwannee Riverkeeper banner, 11:52:04

[WWALS banner, 11:52:30]
WWALS banner, 11:52:30

Portrait of a bridge

[Little River and RR bridge, 11:53:52]
Little River and RR bridge, 11:53:52

[Along the bridge, 11:54:02]
Along the bridge, 11:54:02

[Blue sky above, 11:55:06]
Blue sky above, 11:55:06

Water colors

[Tannic acid red, 12:01:47]
Tannic acid red, 12:01:47

[Tree arches, 12:02:22]
Tree arches, 12:02:22

[Yellow sand, red water, 12:05:25]
Yellow sand, red water, 12:05:25

Down through Stone Bridge

[Distant, 12:05:46]
Distant, 12:05:46

[Approaching, 12:05:48]
Approaching, 12:05:48

[Movie: Paddling under Stone Bridge, 12:05:48 (88M)]
Movie: Paddling under Stone Bridge, 12:05:48 (88M)

[Russell after Stone Bridge, 12:07:21]
Russell after Stone Bridge, 12:07:21

Stone Bridge Shoals

[Stay to the right, 12:07:54]
Stay to the right, 12:07:54

[A foot lower would be too low, 12:08:39]
A foot lower would be too low, 12:08:39


[Shore, tea water, deadfall, 12:11:11]
Shore, tea water, deadfall, 12:11:11

[Runoff or private river launch? 12:12:56]
Runoff or private river launch? 12:12:56

[Meadow, 12:16:01]
Meadow, 12:16:01

[Russell at the meadow, 12:16:04]
Russell at the meadow, 12:16:04

[Wrested vegetation, 12:18:31]
Wrested vegetation, 12:18:31

[More wrested vegetation, 12:42:46]
More wrested vegetation, 12:42:46

Nearing the end

[GA 76 bridge, 12:47:39]
GA 76 bridge, 12:47:39

[Boaters taking out, 12:52:02]
Boaters taking out, 12:52:02

Water Quality

[Water sample incubating, 14:35:59]
Water sample incubating, 14:35:59

[Results: Zero E. coli, 2020:05:17 16:02:34]
Results: Zero E. coli, 2020:05:17 16:02:34

Banners on Stone Bridge

[Photo: Russell Allen McBride]
Photo: Russell Allen McBride