WWALS Watershed Coalition

WWALS Watershed Coalition, Inc. (WWALS) is Suwannee RIVERKEEPER® WWALS advocates for conservation and stewardship of the surface waters and groundwater of the Suwannee River Basin and Estuary, in south Georgia and north Florida, among them the Withlacoochee, Willacoochee, Alapaha, Little, Santa Fe, and Suwannee River watersheds, through education, awareness, environmental monitoring, and citizen activities.


Ichetucknee State Park 2020-01-04 [Up]

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Ichetucknee Spring

[No people yet]
No people yet

[Nice trees]
Nice trees

Signing in

[Happy in the drizzle]
Happy in the drizzle


Boat Ramp

[Sara Jay with a blanket]
Sara Jay with a blanket

[Is that algae?]
Is that algae?

[Could be]
Could be

[Scotti Jay with stuff]
Scotti Jay with stuff

Iche Nippy Dip Day

[Rangers celebrating anniversaries of this park and park system]
Rangers celebrating anniversaries of this park and park system

[Lots of dippers]
Lots of dippers

[Pictures or it didn't happen]
Pictures or it didn't happen

[The man who started it all]
The man who started it all

[More dippers]
More dippers

[Like it wasn't even cold]
Like it wasn't even cold


[Found in the spring]
Found in the spring

Our Santa Fe River

[Happy OSFR]
Happy OSFR

[Jim Tatum and Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson]
Jim Tatum and Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson

[Separated at birth]
Separated at birth

[Kristin Rubin and Merrillee]
Kristin Rubin and Merrillee

[Lineup with Scotti and Merrillee]
Lineup with Scotti and Merrillee

[Look, a bird]
Look, a bird

[Longer lineup]
Longer lineup

Back at the boat ramp

[Boats and banner]
Boats and banner




On the water

[Boards and boats]
Boards and boats

[Heading downstream]
Heading downstream

[Everybody signed in?]
Everybody signed in?

[Insurance, you know]
Insurance, you know