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Raffle Kayak: Vibe Yellowfin 120, from Adel Outfitters 2021-06-07 [Up]

It retails for $900, plus this one has a paddle, so $950 value. You could get it in the WWALS kayak raffle. Online donations for tickets can be made here:

Kayak Raffle Tickets

That paypal form says $5.50 and $21.00, because of paypal fees.

WWALS will have physical kayak raffle tickets at upcoming events. For those there's no paypal fee, so the physical tickets are $5 each or $20 for five tickets.

[Kayak Raffle Flyer]
Kayak Raffle Flyer

All your kayak raffle ticket donations go to support the education, outings, events, programs, and advocacy of WWALS Watershed Coalition, Inc.

Yes, Adel Outfitters gave us a discount.

[Adel Outfitters 1990]

That's why we're listing Adel Outfitters as a sponsor of:

Thanks to Bobby McKenzie for finding this kayak to raffle.

Below are a few more pictures of the kayak. Click on any small picture to see a bigger one.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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[Kayak views]
Kayak views


[Kayak full side]
Kayak full side

[Kayak full 1]
Kayak full 1


[Kayak bow]
Kayak bow


[Kayak cockpit with seat]
Kayak cockpit with seat

[Kayak cockpit]
Kayak cockpit


[Kayak stern and side]
Kayak stern and side

[Kayak stern top]
Kayak stern top

Pick up

[Getting the kayak]
Getting the kayak


[Adel Outfitters 1990]
Adel Outfitters 1990


[Kayak Raffle Flyer]
Kayak Raffle Flyer