WWALS Watershed Coalition

WWALS Watershed Coalition, Inc. (WWALS) is Suwannee RIVERKEEPER® WWALS advocates for conservation and stewardship of the surface waters and groundwater of the Suwannee River Basin and Estuary, in south Georgia and north Florida, among them the Withlacoochee, Willacoochee, Alapaha, Little, Santa Fe, and Suwannee River watersheds, through education, awareness, environmental monitoring, and citizen activities.


Pictures: Banks Lake Full Storm Moon Paddle 2020-02-09 [Up]

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[Many paddlers]
Many paddlers

[Bret Miller, NWXpeditions, outfitting a paddler]
Bret Miller, NWXpeditions, outfitting a paddler

[Suwannee Riverkeeper Banner]
Suwannee Riverkeeper Banner

[Swampy edge]
Swampy edge

[On the boardwalk]
On the boardwalk

On the water

[Front coming in]
Front coming in

[Adjusting seats]
Adjusting seats

[Having a good time]
Having a good time

[Bret Miller of NWXpeditions]
Bret Miller of NWXpeditions

[Young and older]
Young and older

Setting sun

[Sunset behind cypress]
Sunset behind cypress

[Paddler, cypress, sunset]
Paddler, cypress, sunset

[Gretchen Quarterman, WWALS E.D.]
Gretchen Quarterman, WWALS E.D.


[Sunset behind paddlers]
Sunset behind paddlers

[Paddlers golden in sunset]
Paddlers golden in sunset

The Wood

[Into the woods]
Into the woods

[The golden woods]
The golden woods

[The fiery woods]
The fiery woods

[Got rope?]
Got rope?

[Sundown cypress]
Sundown cypress

[Triple canoe]
Triple canoe

[Camouflage canoe]
Camouflage canoe

[Flaming kayaks]
Flaming kayaks

[Green kayak]
Green kayak

[Bret Miller standing]
Bret Miller standing

[Figure 8 exercise]
Figure 8 exercise


[Sun below horizon]
Sun below horizon

[Flock of birds]
Flock of birds

[Violet sky]
Violet sky

[Flaming sky and water]
Flaming sky and water

[Into the sunset]
Into the sunset

[Flaming tree]
Flaming tree

[More birds]
More birds

[Into the fading light]
Into the fading light



Bret Miller

[Contrasting moon color (NWX)]
Contrasting moon color (NWX)

[Pick a direction (NWX)]
Pick a direction (NWX)

[Colorful paddlers (NWX)]
Colorful paddlers (NWX)

[Violet moonrise (NWX)]
Violet moonrise (NWX)

[Moonbeams and paddler lights (NWX)]
Moonbeams and paddler lights (NWX)

[Gretchen being gregarious (NWX)]
Gretchen being gregarious (NWX)

[Flotilla (NWX)]
Flotilla (NWX)

[Dramatic trees (NWX)]
Dramatic trees (NWX)

[Eye-opening sunlight (NWX)]
Eye-opening sunlight (NWX)

[Arc of paddlers (NWX)]
Arc of paddlers (NWX)

[All ages and styles (NWX)]
All ages and styles (NWX)

[Follow the light (NWX)]
Follow the light (NWX)

[Waves of dusk (NWX)]
Waves of dusk (NWX)

Mylinda Greene

[Cypress-framed sunset (MG)]
Cypress-framed sunset (MG)

[Cypress dancing in the sunset (MG)]
Cypress dancing in the sunset (MG)

[Sky angle echoing cypress (MG)]
Sky angle echoing cypress (MG)

[Set the controls for the heart of the sun (MG)]
Set the controls for the heart of the sun (MG)

[Golden moss (MG)]
Golden moss (MG)

[Golden moss forest (MG)]
Golden moss forest (MG)

[Sunset in the mossy gold woods (MG)]
Sunset in the mossy gold woods (MG)

[I'm going down now --Sun (MG)]
I'm going down now --Sun (MG)

[Paddlers in the dusk (MG)]
Paddlers in the dusk (MG)

[The dusk flotilla (MG)]
The dusk flotilla (MG)

[Many ages and boat types (MG)]
Many ages and boat types (MG)

[Moon cracks horizon (MG)]
Moon cracks horizon (MG)

[Mooncloud (MG)]
Mooncloud (MG)

[Sun valentine (MG)]
Sun valentine (MG)

Bobby McKenzie

[Children and adults (BM)]
Children and adults (BM)

[NWXpeditions truck and trailer (BM)]
NWXpeditions truck and trailer (BM)

Monica McKenzie

[Monica McKenzie and children (MM)]
Monica McKenzie and children (MM)

[Sunset spire (MM)]
Sunset spire (MM)

[Moonrise cypress arc (MM)]
Moonrise cypress arc (MM)