WWALS Watershed Coalition

WWALS Watershed Coalition, Inc. (WWALS) is Suwannee RIVERKEEPER® WWALS advocates for conservation and stewardship of the Withlacoochee, Willacoochee, Alapaha, Little, Santa Fe, and Suwannee River watersheds in south Georgia and north Florida through education, awareness, environmental monitoring, and citizen activities.


Trash in wetlands at Flying J, Exit 2, I-75 2019-08-23 [Up]

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Broken fence

[Trash behind]
Trash behind

[Trash in gap]
Trash in gap

[Tire and trash]
Tire and trash

In front of fence

[More trash]
More trash

[And more trash]
And more trash

[Looking east at trash]
Looking east at trash

Behind fence

[Still more trash]
Still more trash


[Flying J to Withlacoochee River]
Flying J to Withlacoochee River