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White Springs to Blue SInk, Suwannee River, 2017-05-20

Join WWALS for a brief paddle 8.4 miles on the Suwannee River through White Springs down to Blue Sink Launch. This shouldn’t take more than 4 hours paddling or 5 hours including shuttle. With lunch, swim stops, and bon-bons, of course.

Bring the usual personal flotation device, boat paddles, food, drinking water, warm clothes, and first aid kit.

When: 9AM Saturday 20 May 2017

Put In: Suwannee River Wayside Park Ramp, river mile 171.0
From White Springs, travel south on US 41 to the river; the ramp is on the south side in the town park.

GPS: 30.3255398,-82.7413685

Take Out: Blue Sink Launch, river mile 163.2
From Live Oak, travel northeast on CR 136; cross over I-75 to 27 Road; turn left and continue north to 64 Terrace; follow road to canoe launch.
30.340596, -82.819887

7.8 river miles
This map detail and all landing directions are from the Suwannee River Wilderness Trail map of Boat Ramps & Canoe Launches.

Duration: 5 hours

Events: facebook, meetup.

Free: This outing is Free! And we recommend you support the work of WWALS by becoming a WWALS member today!

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Update: Fargo to Roline, Suwannee River, 2017-03-18

WWALS Outings Committee Chair Phil Hubbard wrote Tuesday on the facebook event:

Looking forward to the WWALS outing on the historic Suwannee River. Water level currently at Fargo is 93.34′ (2.34′) slightly increasing with the 0.6″ of rain in Fargo yesterday. White Springs is at 52.02′ and rising.

Weather forecast is clear skys and virtually no chance of rain. Temps with an over night low mid 40’s and forecast high of upper 70’s.

What an awesome way to welcome in the return of spring from its brief departure.

Follow the original event blog post for more details.

See you 7AM Saturday, March 18th, 2017, at the Suwannee River in Fargo, Georgia, to paddle into Florida to Roline Landing!

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Hamilton County Florida Valdosta wastewater resolution asks Georgia and Florida governors to step in 2017-02-21

Hamilton County, Florida is not pleased with Valdosta’s sewage, and has asked the states of Georgia and Florida to step in.

Thanks to Kristy Morgan, Chief Deputy Clerk/Administrative Assistant, Hamilton County Clerk’s Office, for the PDF.



WHEREAS, WHEREAS, the Withlacoochee River forms the Western boundary of Hamilton County, Florida from the Florida/Georgia state line until its juncture with the Suwannee River; and

WHEREAS, the Withlacoochee River provides recreational and economic benefits to the citizens of Hamilton County and others; and

WHEREAS, citizens of Hamilton County depend on clean water from the Withlacoochee River watershed for activities of daily life as well as for agricultural, business, and recreational purposes; and

WHEREAS, the health and welfare of many Hamilton County citizens is directly harmed by any degradation of the quality of water in the Withlacoochee River and its watershed; and

WHEREAS, the City of Valdosta, Georgia over the past several years has Continue reading

On the Suwannee River, Sabal Trail drill path 2017-02-12

Pipe apparently not connected at Suwannee County HDD (only two caterpillars there, and many odd markings on pipe), Pipe not connected? 30.4063022, -83.1529089 pipe apparently already buried at Hamilton County HDD, paddling on the Suwannee River in between, and a guard at Sabal Trail’s CR 141 access even after dark, Sunday February 12, 2017 to show a visiting videographer. For where these pictures were taken, see the Google map.

 -jsq, John S. Quarterman, Suwannee RIVERKEEPER®

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Sabal Trail red pipe going into the ground in Hamilton County, FL 2017-01-14

Sabal Trail pipe going into the ground, 30.3841030, -83.1753430 The day of action against Sabal Trail at the Suwannee River saw hundreds turn out on land, water, and in the air and got a lot of press, but Sabal Trail continued to pound pipe into the ground in Hamilton County, Florida, going under Suwannee River State Park (SRSP) and the Suwannee River.

On the WWALS website are photographs by Beth Gammie for WWALS from a Southwings flight piloted by Roy Zimmer, navigated by Can Denizman, January 14, 2017. You may reuse these pictures provided you cite the source: Beth Gammie for WWALS Watershed Coalition.

For where they were taken, see the WWALS Google Map.

Lynn Buchanan posted a facebook video taken from the woods of Suwannee River State Park.

Panorama, Sabal Trail pipe going into ground, Hamilton County, 30.4113889, -83.1652778

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CR 141 Sabal Trail Troy Access, Hamilton County, FL 2017-01-14

Are those two sinkholes at Sabal Trail’s Troy Access off CR 141 in Hamilton County, Florida, on the way to to under the Suwannee River? Only three Hamilton County Sheriff’s deputies was light law enforcement by Saturday’s protest day standards. What about those other sinkholes just outside the pipeline easement?

NE to CR 141 Sabal Trail entrance with 3 Hamilton Co. Sheriff, 30.4164450, -83.1765850

NE to CR 141 Sabal Trail entrance with 3 Hamilton Co. Sheriff,

SE to CR 141 Sabal Trail Troy Access, 30.4171760, -83.1768130

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Pictures and video, Suwannee River Outing and Protest 2017-01-14

Water protectors downstream, Suwannee River, Sabal Trail crossing, 30.4067260, -83.1565080 By water, land, and air hundreds gathered Saturday to protect the Suwannee River from the invading Sabal Trail fracked methane pipeline. 23 people signed in at the WWALS paddle on the Suwannee River. You’ll see more pictures from others later, including from the Southwings flight for WWALS, and from the protest by others on land. Meanwhile, here are a few pictures, a few videos, a google map, plus people stuck outside Suwannee River State Park as reporters drove in, and a few pictures of red pipe going into the ground in Hamilton County, plus 15 state trooper cars. All the news stories I’ve seen thus far are also linked in, plus pictures of the two TV reporters arriving.

Sabal Trail pipe going into the ground, 30.3841030, -83.1753430 Thanks to the 23 paddlers, 5 from Georgia (1 from Hahira, 1 from Valdosta, 1 from Warner Robins, 2 from Pine Mountain) and 18 from Florida (2 from Jacksonville, 1 from Tallahassee, 2 from White Springs, 1 from Live Oak, 4 from Fort White, 4 from Alachua, 2 from Gainesville, 2 from Micanopy). That’s a range of more than 300 miles, along most of the Sabal Trail pipeline path and elsewhere. Thanks to Amy Wiegenstein for Continue reading