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Madison Blue Spring and Sabal Trail pipeline 2016-11-23

Sabal Trail only barely misses the Withlacoochee River in Florida, even though it no longer crosses over into Madison County. And it’s the same Floridan Aquifer on both sides of the river.

Springs and pipeline, 30.4828540, -83.2577470: The red line is Sabal Trail in Hamilton County. In the foreground in Madison County is Madison Blue Spring on the Withlacoochee River, and the P is Pot Spring farther downstream. The N is Nestle; you’d think they’d care about potential damage to the aquifer from which they suck water.

Springs and pipeline,

Withlacoochee River, pipeline, 30.4591650, -83.2224900: Close enough? Continue reading

Pictures: FL 6 to Cone Bridge, Suwannee River –Gretchen Quarterman 2015-11-22

A nice cloudy day on the iconic Suwannee River, with a ghost bridge. Pictures by Gretchen Quarterman on the November 22nd 2015 WWALS Outing from Florida 6 to Cone Bridge Road.

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