Outings and Events

Here’s a spreadsheet of WWALS (and other) outings and events. It’s updated frequently. Acronyms are explained below the spreadsheet.

See it in its native google sheets form, and presented in web form below.

2017-06-22: The plugin that makes that presentation has a bug that caused us to have to deactivate it. Will reactivate when the bug is fixed.

[gdoc key=”https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1mPus_CfxZL59vHN0FW1bDROi3OQ6YJCkuboPxBp7hi4/edit?usp=sharing” datatables_order=’%5B%5B 0, “desc” %5D%5D’]

Blueway acronyms include:

Try to make the Put In and Take Out names match the names in the Blueway spreadsheets. If they’re not in there already, please add entries in the appropriate water trail spreadsheet.

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