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Lakeland To Hotchkiss Rd. Landing Paddle

It was hot Saturday morning. The water level was perfect (2.2 feet on the Statenville gage),  IMG_0892 a nice current to help push us to our destination 14 miles away. As the Alapaha River meanders through the wilderness of South Georgia it erodes the banks on the outside of the curves forming tall bluffs and on the inside of the curve the slow water drops sand to form beautiful white sand beaches that beckoned us to stop for a swim, so we did.

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WWALS Water Trails at Southern Georgia Regional Commission Council 2015-07-23

WWALS Ambassador Dave Hetzel will speak about the Alapaha River Water Trail (now looking to place signs) and the Withlacoochee and Little River Water Trail (Committee just formed and looking for more members) at the Southern Georgia Regional Commission Council meeting 11AM July 23rd in Pearson, GA 31642.

Update 2015-07-23: Civic Center, 786 Austin Ave. East, Pearson, GA

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Typical USGS streamgage costs with example near Okapilco Creek

How much would it cost to fund the Okapilco Creek gage so it won’t go offline July 31st? 300x342 Pie: Percentages of funding in various activities, in Streamgage Operation and Maintenance Cost Evaluation, by U.S. Geological Survey, for WWALS.net, 1 June 2010 About $13,600/year, more or less, mostly for field and office labor and administration, with only 10% for the field equipment. Since this gage is located in Brooks County, Georgia, the most likely funding body (after USGS itself) would be the Brooks County Commission. Yes, it’s in WWALS watersheds; no, WWALS doesn’t plan to take on funding streamgages. If some funding organization appeared that wanted to pass the funds through WWALS, which is a 501(c)(3) educational institution, that would be possible. But this seems more like a government issue.


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